KIIT Sustainability

Education is often seen as a driver of social transformation that can influence change. Therefore, it is very important to focus on what kind of education is necessary to achieve the change we need to tackle huge challenges like Climate Change.

Activities of the KIIT NSS Bureau

  • Volunteers have installed many dustbins in these adopted villages, and are planning to convert them into Smart Dustbins.
  • Solar lights were installed in one village by the School of Electrical
  • Many villagers’ own cattle in villages and the volunteers wish to spread awareness amongst them on how to apply for biogas plants, permits for which are issued Govt of India so that they can use cow dungs to generate energy in the form of biogas.
  • Volunters have started unique activities to guide under privilege students under a program ‘Target JEE’ which prepare the students for engineering examination. Similar types of activities are also held to prepare for the students for other
  • Twice a year, the NSS KIIT bureau conducts Blood Donation camps which help collect more than 100 units of blood. Now the volunteers are planning to conduct Blood Donation camps quarterly, so so as to increase the units of blood

At KIIT University, community engagement is at the heart of our commitment to sustainable development, and our student-related society plays a vital role in driving positive change. Our Student Societies serve as a dynamic platform that empowers students to actively participate in various sustainability initiatives both on and off-campus. Through awareness campaigns, workshops, and events, the ssocieties educate and mobilize the university community to adopt environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, the societies collaborate with local communities, government agencies, and NGOs to address pressing environmental issues, promote eco-friendly initiatives, and contribute to the well-being of the wider society. By fostering a culture of sustainability and empowering our students as change agents, we aim to create a greener, more sustainable future for our campus and beyond.

Khwaab is the official “Social Service Society” of KIIT. The philosophies of “Art of Giving”, “Kompassion” and “India against Negativity” of our Honorable Founder Dr. Achyutya Samanta Sir are the main inspiration of this society. It works on the rural areas of Bhubaneswar to make this city clean, aware and better one. The students of KIIT and members of Khwaab work hard every day to make him proud with their social works and welfare activities all over the city. Khwaab welcomes all the socially active students of KIIT to join their selfless giving activities for good cause and a bright future.

The official KIIT Animal & Environment Welfare Society works hard to keep our environment safe for us as well as for the animals. The main motto of this Society is “Pause for a Cause”. The Society is a group of enthusiastic and experienced people who have great affection towards our Animal friends and Environment. Throughout the year they organize various events related to Animal Rights & Welfare and Environmental Causes. Apart from events, KIIT-AEWS’s Volunteer Wing looks after injured and needy animals in and around Bhubaneswar City in Odisha, India.

TEDX-KU, the official society of KIIT is aimed to provide a first-hand TED experience to its attendees. It offers a platform to integrate new people into the TED community which helps them to bridge the gap between ideas and actions. Communication is an indispensable part of our daily lives. The more we communicate, the more our minds intertwine with one another and eventually assist us in formulating certain notions. The TEDx community bestows us with the opportunity to navigate through ideas having a probability of bringing about unparalleled transitions which will ultimately work for the amelioration of the society. Venturing into uncharted territories has always been a challenging encounter. The maiden edition of TEDxKIITUniversity was a unique and unprecedented achievement in itself. The exceptional levels of success attained in the next two editions that ensued, speak volumes about the possible ideas that are capable of helping us conceive monumental metamorphosis to the society.

ENACTUS KISS-KIIT is an innovative initiative by some students of KIIT to improve the quality of life in society. Under the initiative, in 2016, Project SIDDHI was undertaken, which provided opportunity to the oppressed communities in and around Bhubaneswar to change their lives for the better and, in the process, eliminate the use of plastic bags by replacing it with handmade paper bags. Not only that they have done some incredible works to improve the quality of life. Enactus is always thankful to Dr. Achutya Samanta, Founder, and KIIT & KISS for encouraging them for different ventures.

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. In KIIT, the official society, MUN-SOC conducts one of the biggest events of Bhubaneswar as well as India. It is a three days event where the interested students show their delegation capabilities and competes with the outside students from all over the India. MUN-SOC provides the young Delegates a good platform to unleash their knowledge and fluency on a country. It helps the students to gain confidence and helps them to walk a mile ahead to their bright future.

Kamakshi and HeForShe are the two societies formed for the women of the University. At present we all can see what girls are facing all over the India and these societies aim to cure this inhuman disease with awareness and good cause. These societies got merged and they became the official society of KIIT to protect and aware girls and boys about the situations humans are facing in daily life. Learning self protection is not enough now, if “He” doesn’t stand For “She” then all the efforts to protect women in our country will be in vain. With this great aim and cause these societies works each and every day to educate the students and all the people of Bhubaneswar. We need to stand and we need to protect our girls, so at this very situation of this country, Kamakshi & HeForShe is one of the most sensitive and important societies in KIIT.

Kimaya, the official “Medical Society” of KIIT aims to create health awareness among common people, Managing and helping in natural calamities, building up doctor-patient relationships and language skill development of the students. It also cconducts seminars, CMEs, quizzes, debates, workshops, Nukkad-Natak, flash mobs on health related matters. Helping orphanages, the underprivileged and old age homes and teaching and learning minor ambulatory procedures are the high priorities of this society. No doubt, this is one of the most important societies in KIIT.